The Unexpected Click

An unexpected click that would change your perception of the Arabic language.

Surfing through the Internet, a page came to our attention. A Facebook page called “Art 7ake”. It includes interesting graphics and designs which made us keen to know more about “Art 7ake” and its purpose.


Through our research, we came to realization that”Art 7ake”had a smart way to play on the Arabicwords using graphical effects making it interesting and fun. Its creator was of Arab origin, a young rising entrepreneur named Nader Dagher, a graphic design and digital media graduate who worked as a marketing advisor in Abu Dhabi for a period of time.

Who is Nader Dagher and how did he create “Art 7ake”?


Nader Dagher previously started up a company with a group of friends called “E-tobb” which is an online platform, a website that enables people to question doctors for free.

Later on, he left “E-tobb” and moved to Dubai for a better job opportunity and upon that created and started a side project called “Art7ake”.

“Art 7ake” spreads the Arabic language in different forms and ways in which one creates witty posters and designs that play on the words using emotional links.


Curious to know more about the idea of “Art 7ake”, we asked Nader to sit with us and explain the inspiration of “Art 7ake” and its future plans.

The inspiration for the page came from the home sick feeling he had one night. It was the browsing through Pinterest and the way some people played around with Arabic typography that inspired Nader. So, he decided to create a design with an Arial picture of Beirut writing the words homesick in Arabic typography, which he then posted onto his personal Facebook account. The picture received many engagements from people and a great amount of shares. The results motivated Dagher to create a page with additional designs. Consequently, the increase of popularity of the page resulted to a current fan base of over 22,000 followers on Facebook only.


As you can see from his page, many non-Arabs are interested with the designs so why not try to change the image and stereotype most people have about Arabs in general through the beauty of the Arabic language?

At this moment, he decided to show the attractiveness and creativity of the Arabic language. This act generated a great deal of interaction and engagement to the page from outside the Arab world.


For the future, he hopes to see himself running “Art7ake” on a full time basis which by then would not only be a side project; yet, a full time platform and an e-shop where people would have the ability to create, customize, post, sell, and purchase posters and Arabic designed images.


He states: “The purpose for my page is to spread the beauty of the Arabic language. There are many words that we say have no description in other languages, which makes it so amazing. If we can show this to other people in a visual way, we might then find a way to raise curiosity about the Arabic language that is based on a pure strong history.”

Nader is trying to change the perspective of other developed countries concerning the Arabic youth and Arabs in general. He hopes that the youth would invest their energy into creativity and innovation away from those who tend to bring our youth down. He quotes: “I want them to become unique by siding away from negativity and always have a constant push towards motivation.”


Nader believes that he can inspire today’s youth through his story.

“Art 7ake”, created by Nader Dagher’s passion for the Arabic language has inspired others from all around the globe to follow their own.

Nader is a true inspiration to inspire you.

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